As an end of life guide, I assist the dying in their transition from this world. I guide, educate and support the dying person, their family, friends and caregivers through the dying process.  I also help with personal, spiritual and practical issues.

My work as a guide can be just one session or we can work together over a period of days, weeks or months. I offer my end of life guide services in person, over the phone and on a variety of online video services. 

As an end of life advocate, I am working to change how we view and do death in the United States and worldwide. I educate, consult and speak about end of life issues and the need to improve the quality of care that dying people receive. It is paramount that the families, friends and caregivers of the dying also receive support. 

I share the wisdom of the dying so we may be inspired to live our best lives. These precious insights I have gained can be shared through speaking engagements.

Please email or call if you would like to work with me or if you have questions about my services.


phone:  310-954-1424