"Betsy Trapasso has the unusual capacity to speak openly about the taboo subject of death in a way that allows others to do the same. Her facilitation of 'Death Cafe Los Angeles' is just one example. On a more intimate level, she has the skill of opening communications to allow people to sort out 'last things.' Very important work."

Monica Williams-Murphy, MD, Author "It's OK to Die," Emergency Medicine Physician


"My husband recently passed away after fighting cancer for many years. I wanted him home with me for his final time. No one prepares you for what to expect and how to care for both the patient and the family. I had hospice care but they only come in a few times a week for an hour or so. I hired a caregiver as well. They handle some of the physical needs of the patient but that is only what they do. The emotional part that we all had to go through is agonizing and I also had no idea what to expect. Betsy Trapasso enabled me and my family to survive this most difficult time in our lives. She was here for the many days that my husband was still with us and even afterwards. Betsy managed the arrangements for so many things and helped coordinate all of the details that needed to be done. This is not something anyone teaches you how to handle. Even issues of patient safety and signs of discomfort were part of her knowledge. During this grief-stricken time, we received so much comfort and non-secular spiritual strength from her. I could never have survived this horrific time without her being here with us. She is a living angel. I would recommend Betsy to all who have to go through the passing of a loved one. Her level of care, comfort and knowledge is unsurpassable."

Jody Heyes, Thousand Oaks, CA


"When a loved one is at end-of-life, naturally it is an emotional time for the whole family. This is a time to call in Betsy Trapasso. She has a special gift of simple and exquisite peace. She holds your loved ones hand and looks eye to eye and allows and invites your loved one to experience the through line that is soon to be traveled. Miraculously and quietly, your loved one is no longer afraid. It makes all the difference."

Viki King, Life Consultant and Best-Selling Author